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Start Learning Now

Discover our online courses and start elevating your learning today. We have a mix of 'pay & play' courses and live, interactive workshops all designed to enhance your performance at work.

Our 'pay & play' courses come as bite sized videos with additional interactive learning materials to support your development even after the course. You can access them for 2 years, so you can do your learning in your own time, around your schedule.

Our live courses feature a broader range of live sessions and tools to develop leaders and teams and can be tailored and delivered according to your needs.


Delegate Like a Pro

Learn to delegate with confidence in this three-part ‘pay & play’ course. You’ll learn what to delegate, who to, and how to do it effectively so that it works for both parties, elevating your performance and that of your team. 30 mins + downloadable workbook.

Flex Your Management Style

One size fits all? Not in management. Learn how to recognise your own default style and how to flex it to motivate your team and transform your management skills. 60 mins + downloadable workbook.

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Supercharge Your Team

Get the lowdown on what makes each person tick and how best to interact with each other to strengthen trust, reduce conflict and elevate the performance of your team. We deliver team development sessions using the personal analysis tool Total SDI, which seeks to uncover personal motivations and offers strategies to improve the way we work together. ½ day in person or 2 x 90-minute sessions. Download our PDF to learn more or contact us at

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