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Coaching empowers you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s about having conversations with purpose where you identify the actions you’ll take to move forwards. Whether that’s about accelerating your performance, building your confidence or tackling a particularly knotty problem, we ask powerful questions and use strong listening skills to enable you to reach your goals.


Coaching can be transformative on an individual and team level. It can unblock thinking, spark creativity and boost confidence leading to greater performance, confidence and fulfilment. Who wouldn’t want coaching?!

Why Coaching?

"Coaching has opened my mind to new ideas and made me realise things about myself I didn’t consider important before"

- Senior Director, Financial Services

We work on a 1-2-1 basis and with teams to focus on a wide range of personal and professional situations and topics. Examples of where we can help include:

  • Stepping up in a new role

  • Building your leadership brand and confidence

  • Enhancing your management skills

  • Reducing overwhelm and burnout

  • Empowering you to make a tough call

  • Effectively navigating relationships at work

  • Accelerating team cohesion

Special rates are available for those funding the coaching personally.


We offer three different approaches: two for individual coaching and a team coaching option. If you’re interested, book in for our FREE 30-minute discovery call where you can see if it’s right for you or your team.



60 to 90 minute one-off session to tackle a specific challenge or create thinking space



A group of sessions over 3 to 6 months with unlimited email contact and support



1/2 day session tailored to your team with the ultimate aim to build team performance

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Why Us?

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone but we've been doing coaching a LONG time well, especially Carolyn. She specialises in individual coaching, having held a Coaching Diploma since 2007, and has coached individuals across the world, building their confidence and capabilities. So if you want a hustle session or personal programme, she's got you covered.

Together, Carolyn and Fiona combine their experience in personal development and team leadership to deliver dynamic and engaging coaching for teams. You basically get two for the price of one.

Contact us today for more information or to book a discovery call. 

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