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Our Mission

'To enable people to discover, nurture and develop their untapped potential'

We care deeply about enabling people to unlock their skills and capabilities so they can live and work confidently and with purpose. We know the positive impact investing in people can have not just on the individual themselves, but on overall business performance so we want to equip and empower leaders, managers and teams with the skills and mindset they need to create high-performing and engaging environments that people love to work and flourish in.

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Our Vision

'To be an outstanding provider of smart, simple and engaging development experiences that transform the way people learn and lead'

We want to be known for doing development well. For creating memorable experiences that elevate individual, team and business performance – there’s no boring presentation slides here. Check out our values for the way we do this.


Our Values

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We bring a unique energy, flair and focus to make The Hustle House experience memorable and engaging.

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We create real change and ensure tangible outcomes are achieved every time.

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We build genuine and supportive relationships that last. Once you hustle with us, we’ll continually hustle for you.

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We use our expertise to deliver big topics, simply.


Our Team

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Carolyn Cresswell

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Carolyn has been helping organisations all over the world invest in their employees at both a strategic and practical level in Talent, HR and Learning & Development roles over the past 18 years. With a specific passion for developing leaders and managers, she brings a fresh combination of humour, energy and common sense to even the toughest of situations. Carolyn is a qualified coach and accredited Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) practitioner.

When not hustling, Carolyn stays flexible with regular Pilates, keeps her lungs strong through singing with the City of London Choir, and tries to cook something new each week, although apparently doesn’t tidy up enough as she goes.

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Fiona Allen

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Managing relationships with the world’s leading Investment Banks, Fiona has spent the last 10 years focused on driving client satisfaction and product adoption while managing teams in both London and Hong Kong. Through her client work, she played on the intrinsic link between the people experience and client experience, knowing the positive impact one can have on the other. Fiona is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

Fiona hates running but reluctantly does it weekly to enable her unhealthy relationship with hummus to continue. She leaves the singing to Carolyn but wishes she carved out more time for live gigs. 

Our Team
Co-Founder Diaries

What's With The Name?

The Hustle House name embodies who we are and how we approach our work:

Hustle – a reminder for us to move with confidence, self-belief and an unwavering energy that gets us (and our clients) from where we are now to where we want to be.

House – a metaphor for our solid commitment and the strong foundation of work we put down. Our house is a creative one, where we take an innovative approach to fit the needs of our clients, ensuring the highest quality of our product.

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