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People Development Consultancy 

We Do Development

At the heart of The Hustle House is an unshakeable belief in the power of investing in the growth and development of people. It can transform individual, team and business performance and it can have a profound impact on self-worth and confidence.

We’ve made it our mission to enable people to discover, nurture and develop their untapped potential and we give leaders, managers and teams the tools and support they need to confidently build high performing and engaging environments that people love to work in.

Leadership & Manager


  • Effective leadership skills

  • Practical management skills

  • Aspiring leadership and management

Team Development

  • High performing teams

  • Newly formed team effectiveness

  • Executive team development

Talent Development

  • Talent management strategies and toolkits

  • Capability frameworks and skills analysis

  • Performance management processes

Client Relationship Development

  • Practical client management skills

  • Knowing your client strategies

  • Winning steps to memorable meetings

Cultural Development

  • Great cultures and values

  • Vision and road-mapping for the future

  • Engagement strategy and action planning

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We know that if anything is to change then it needs to be simple, meaningful and embedded in everyday life. Our aim is to inspire and enable organisations to bring about sustained, positive change through their people in this way. So if you've promoted brilliant people into management roles and want to give them some confidence and skills, we’ve got you covered. If you need to reduce attrition and improve productivity and engagement, we’re your experts. Or if you’re looking to elevate your senior leaders, we’ll empower them to rise.  

How We Do It

Whether working face-to-face or virtually, as part of a programme or via coaching, our promise is that everything we do is aligned to your goals. We want to make sure learning is directed towards what really matters, with an emphasis on immediate application: if you can’t see how it’s useful straight away, we’ve got it wrong.

We do this in three ways...

Central to everything we do is our values

 'Their program has given our leadership team a level of understanding and tools that will help us individually and collectively, successfully manage and develop our colleagues, teams and company'

VP, Service Delivery, Decibel Insight

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How It All Started

Like many good things in life, The Hustle House started over a couple of G&Ts. Fiona Allen and Carolyn Cresswell met many years earlier at a FinTech firm where they bonded over a shared love of developing people and worked together on projects around culture, engagement and leadership.


Combining their experience in Talent/L&D, client relationship management and people management, Fiona and Carolyn established the business in 2019 and now work with businesses to supercharge performance through people.

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Read our series called "Here's Looking at you....Leadership" which includes 6 individuals articles on the topic of, you guested it, leadership.

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